Hyland parent VC aquires Kofax, Readsoft, and Perceptive ImageNow

Wasn't surprised by this move. Link to press release here. 

With this latest, it really only leaves one major private ECM company left on the West coast, and that is Laserfiche. I'm sure there are many VC's or other companies looking at acquiring them.

So let's recap who own's what now (from the top of my head). It's been a crazy few years to say the least. Just to name a few.... 

- Documentum (Formally EMC)
- ApplicationXtender (Formally Legato/OTG)
- Captiva (Formally EMC)
- Pixel translations ISIS (Scanner drivers)
- Rightfax (Formally Captaris)
- Teleform & Liquidoffice (Formally Cardiff)
- Global360
- Interwoven
- Humingbird
- Alchemy

- FileNet
- DataCap

- Stellent

Hyland Onbase (and parent VC)
- Kofax
- Readsoft
- Perceptive ImageNow
- Hershey Systems
- SIRE Imaging