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ViaTRON State-Of-The-Art HQ Client Data Center and Training Facility is located in Los Angeles, California.


This facility can process over a million documents per day.  ViaTRON has also installed new technologies that increases efficiency and cuts cost by 70%.


These improvements have produced the highest quality output performed efficiently with a direct cost saving to our clients.

ViaTRON's solutions gives our clients the enhanced power to store, transfer, manage, and access data and information quickly and efficiently over a variety of network architectures, including the World Wide Web. ViaTRON is a leading Professional Services Company.

For over 22 years we have successfully provided solutions to hundreds of companies. Our solutions save our clients hundreds of millions of dollars each year. We design and install solutions that allow our clients to benefit from the emerging technology. Our turnkey systems enable businesses to easily become paperless. Our solutions allow our clients to store and manage data from a central location. Once the data is stored centrally, we can further help develop an internal workflow solution that allows our clients to become extremely efficient in their day-to-day operations while dramatically reducing expenses. Our solutions also provide high levels of security for all documents, as well as a plan to recover vital business data in the event of a major disaster.

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ViaTRON's products facilitate our clients to transfer, store, manage, and access data quickly and efficiently over a variety of network architectures, including the World Wide Web.

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