Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and more. There are so many names and acronyms these days in the Enterprise space.

What does it all mean?

Simply one solution that your Enterprise can rely on. A central solution that can not only securely store your documents and records, but can also create them as well. A solution that allows for fully automated workflows, collaboration, creation of documents and information, and seamless integration with your Oracle, SAP, IBM and more. Along with all the flexibility and features of a traditional Document Management Solution.

How does ECM help your Enterprise?

No more shared drives, lost versions, lost documents/processes. No more having to use dozens of legacy applications that perform one function. ECM replaces your dozens of specialized applications into one easy to use Web interface. Complete customization to your environments, whether locally or globally through API's and Web Services. The features and functionalities are endless whether its on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid of both. Java and HTML5 allowing for ease of use in any browser or smart device.

Frequently mentioned in the ECM world is they can be expensive to deploy. The truth is yes they can be, however, depending on your needs and in order to understand the true pricing and value of ECM you need to look at your current infrastructure first, including but not limited to,

  • What are all the business processes you are currently doing manually. What is your error rate? What are the costs? What are the response times?
  • What are all your Record Retention Schedules? Are they being followed? Paper, Electronic, Email, and Physical?
  • How many software applications are you using for these business processes? What are your annual maintenance/support for these?
  • Is Security a concern? Shared drives? Collaboration? 
  • Can you create documents and information, send to colleagues/customers, update websites/reports, and store information instantly and automatically?
  • Can full audits of every business process be provided instantly?
  • Do you have offices in different countries? Data being contained in those countries? Software changing its Languages for each location?

From Human Resources to Accounting, and Manufacturing documents and more. ECM can simplify your business processes and provide valuable reports and dashboards for your Executives and Management to insure your Operations are running in top form.

Examples of some global clients include,

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