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ViaTRON State-Of-The-Art HQ Client Data Center and Training Facility is located in Los Angeles, California.


This facility can process over a million documents per day.  ViaTRON has also installed new technologies that increases efficiency and cuts cost by 70%.


These improvements have produced the highest quality output performed efficiently with a direct cost saving to our clients.

ViaTRON Systems, Inc. was established in 1990, to design and install Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions into large corporation in the United States. During the past 21 years, ViaTRON has evolved into a high-tech company that provides vital business and technology solutions to hundreds of companies throughout the United States. We started with one solution - the process of providing content management solutions, but with our success we found ourselves very quickly expanding into Web based solutions, records management, compliance applications and workflow solutions in order to provide the ever growing technology demands of our clients. We also provided professional services in document conversion, systems analysis, document management services, ASP services and custom programming.

ViaTRON headquarters is based in Gardena, California. We take pride in our employees who are highly skilled in their respective fields. We have a professional team to address every area of business solutions - Document Management Analysis, Systems Design, Systems Development, Application Programming, Systems Integration, Training and 24/7 Support.

Today, we offer a broad range of document management services across a variety of media types and formats. Our technical capabilities and experience enable us to customize document management solutions for our clients' specific application needs.

In the last 22 years, ViaTRON's technical team has designed some of the most complex ECM and Workflow solutions. We have a clear focus on our business goals and are confident about our future. We have successfully saved hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients by designing system solutions to meet their specific needs. We are very confident that we will be able to do the same for your business with our advanced technology. We are looking forward to our next challenge.


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  • Our business revolves around our clients needs and specifications.
  • We offer a broad range of document management services across a variety of media types and formats
  • Our view of solutions is founded on a unique blend of capabilities: a corporate knowledge base and tool sets that span multiple business processes, varied computing environments, in both the public and private sectors.